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CHS is committed to providing our senior students a quality internship: a meaningful, hands-on work experience outside of the classroom designed to prepare them for life after high school. We believe internships are the most valuable way for 12th graders to explore a field of industry interest. They learn how their course of study applies to the real world and build up their resumes and essential soft skills, making them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation. Our local industry and community benefit from the CHS Internship Program as well. The opportunity to inspire and develop potential future employees allows them to build a "pipeline" of bright minds who are interested in the field and more prepared for their world of work

Internship Program Fast Facts and Links for 2022-23

CHS is connecting local companies and organizations to the bright minds of the future workforce right now! We have high school student interns available for Fall Semester and Spring semester placement. Read more below!

Program Description

12th grade Academy students in good academic standing have the opportunity to participate in a field internship as part of the Career Pathway Internship Elective course, taught by a CHS teacher, in their final year at Clairemont High. During first or second semester, students take the internship course and are also auto assigned a tandem Home Period which enables them to leave campus and apply their skills in an off-campus professional industry setting a few days per week. Internships are a minimum of 7.5 hours per week for 10-12 weeks (but many interns are able to work up to 16 hours per week). Interns are supported throughout the program by their instructor and are graded on hours worked, reflections, and most importantly, evaluations by their supervisors. Internships are typically unpaid, though sometimes, paid internships may be available.

Student Intern Qualifications:

The CHS Academy students have taken a sequence of three or more courses for their chosen industry pathway in business, engineering, medical sciences or information technology. Students are also trained in Microsoft applications (Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint), Google applications (Google searches, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc.) and social media. In addition, students had extensive hands-on training in essential workplace soft skills such as: communication, collaboration, teamwork, analysis/ solution mindset, entrepreneurial mindset, self-awareness, resilience, adaptability and workplace professionalism.

Internship Placements Partnerships

CHS student interns can be placed into their field internships in one of two ways: (1) A student can seek out his or her own internship and apply, provided that the company or organization meets our criteria and registers with CHS to complete all necessary paperwork to host an intern. (2) A student can also choose to interview for an internship with one of our industry or community partners who requests an intern. In this case, students will participate in an on-campus interview fair arranged by CHS.

Intern Placement Details for Spring 2023 School Year:

  • Intern Request Form Application Window: Feb 1st to Feb 27th (Spring)
  • Internship Duration: 10-12 weeks
  • Intern Start Date:  Mar 13, 2023 (Spring)
  • Intern End Date:  May 25, 2023 (Spring)
  • Intern Availability: Mondays - Thursdays. Interns must be in class on Fridays.  Intern start and end work time varies and is dependent upon class schedule, site location, transportation time.
  • Intern Weekly Hours: Ideally interns will work 7.5 - 12 hours per week
  • Transportation: Students drive or take public transportation. (MTS transit passes provided for free by district for students.)
  • Liability: Workers' Compensation covered by school district for all unpaid internships
  • Evaluation: Interns are monitored weekly by instructor, then they are evaluated by site internship supervisor

Steps to Host an Intern for Spring 2023:



  • If you haven't already, please take a moment to look over our Internship Program Overview Clairemont High 2022-23 and also explore the info below to verify that the times and goals of this internship program fit with your company's needs. You can preview some of the materials such as our Internship Supervisors' Handbook and Training Presentation.


  • Are you new to the CHS Internship Program? If so, prior to making a final determination if we can place an intern at your site, please contact Program Coordinator Jeanne Cantwell at to set up a telephone interview or face-to-face appointment, so we can learn more about your internship position, company, and work environment.
  • Are you a returning Intern Supervisor from previous years? If so, you may skip this step.


  • Clairemont High requires all intern supervisors to attend an important orientation session which will provide program guideline information and explain the required paperwork to host a student intern.
  • During the weeks leading up to the orientation, we will ask students to send resumes to the intern supervisors with whom they wish to interview. Then, we encourage supervisors to conduct formal interviews by either scheduling individual interviews or attending our pre-organized CHS Internship Interview Fair.
  • The Orientation and Interview Fair will take place FOR SPRING on Thursday, Mar 2, 2023, at Clairemont High. If there is a critical conflict, please contact Program Coordinator Jeanne Cantwell at to set up an alternative option.
  • This event is a perfect opportunity for intern supervisors to schedule interviews with two or more of our student intern applicants. ***Note: Supervisors who hosted an intern in the Fall semester and are continuing into Spring, may choose to opt out of interviews.


  • Based on interview feedback, CHS will place interns in the days following the Internship Interview Fair. It is our goal to have all student interns placed and ready to begin working at their site by March 13, 2023 (FOR SPRING). We encourage supervisors to use the first day of the internship for student intern paperwork, orientation, and training.


For questions, please contact Internship Program Coordinator Jeanne Cantwell at

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