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Alumni contacts by class year

Multi-class Reunion:

Class of 2013

Class of 2012

Class of 2004 of 2004

CLASS of 2002
Taunya Hinojosa - [email protected] of 2002

CLASS of 2001
Carlos E. Gutierres - [email protected]

For reunion information, send your info (names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers) to [email protected]

CLASS of 1999
Paula Gross
Tom Craft - [email protected]

CLASS of 1998
Please send your most recent contact information including name, email, address, and phone number to [email protected]

Lisa Daniel - [email protected]
Michael LoForti - [email protected]
James Russell - [email protected]
Jennifer Sanden - [email protected]

Juan J. Gutierrez - [email protected]
Michael Prine - [email protected]


CLASS of 1997
Desiree Wolford - [email protected]
Class of 1996
Tina McNeese -
[email protected]
Lola Hernandez - [email protected]
"I was ASB Senior Treasurer and the school Mascot, GOOOOO CHIEFS!!!"

CLASS of 1995
Gina Chapin (Daleo) - [email protected]
Mia Fuhrer Hardesty - [email protected]
Deisree Beck - [email protected]
Emily (LeGrand) Usher - [email protected]

CLASS of 1994
Sunshine Johnson - [email protected]

CLASS of 1993
Marc David Wollam - [email protected]

CLASS of 1992
Kobi M. Chelius - [email protected]
Demond Wells - [email protected]
Tiffanie (Sloan) Germany - [email protected]
Hortencia Sandoval - [email protected]
John Price - [email protected]

CLASS of 1991
Irma Baiz - [email protected]or [email protected]
Cynthia Barrios Castillo - [email protected]

CLASS of 1990
Tyra Bain. - [email protected]10 year reunion committee member
Elizabeth Turner (Elizabeth Wierzbicki.) - [email protected]

CLASS of 1989
Jodi Ferguson - [email protected]
Dorothy Wagoner:
UCSD Judaic Studies Program Coordinator, 2502 Madison Ave.,
SD, 92116 [email protected]
Felix Garcia - [email protected]

CLASS of 1988
Tracey (Williamson) Elgas - [email protected]
MaryLou Fletcher (Maiden:Welsh) - [email protected]
Claudia S. Copeland, Ph.D.
E-mail address: [email protected]
Patty (Cardenas) Garcia - [email protected]

CLASS of 1987
Marion (Pecus) Sipe [email protected]
Stella (Simone) Rogers [email protected]
Claudia E. Jordan [email protected]
Kelly Jones-Finkbeiner [email protected]
John Wineski - [email protected] of 1987

CLASS of 1986
Lance Worthey - [email protected]
Michelle Kyle - [email protected] of 1986

CLASS of 1985
Julie (Pollock) Vitale - [email protected]
Sabrina (Tighe) Zweifel - [email protected]
Kim Gonzalez (Wierzbicki) - [email protected]
Alma (Alcaraz) Bruce - [email protected]
Rochelle Sloan Moody - [email protected]

CLASS of 1984
Wayne Maynard - [email protected]
Peggy (Gaylord) MacDonald - [email protected]
Delrae Weathersby - [email protected] of 1984

CLASS of 1983
Bryan Remillard - [email protected]

CLASS of 1982
Jacklyn Hughes (Delhotal) - [email protected]
MARLA (MCWILLIAMS) FRYMAN - [email protected]

CLASS of 1981
Tamara Bailey (Jerome) - [email protected]
Bjorn Hauerbach - [email protected]
Jill Stones (Ownbey) - [email protected]
Profession: Artistic Director - Temecula Performing Arts Company
Pablo Mendoza [email protected]
Jerry Webb - [email protected]
Carie Evans (Greaves) - [email protected]
Prof: EMT/Paramedic, Coral Springs, FL
Keith Esser - [email protected]
Profession/Occupation: Development Engineer
Kevin Whaley - [email protected]
Missy (Ihrig) Knudsen - [email protected]

CLASS of 1980
Michael Beach - [email protected]
Chris Jerome- [email protected]
Darlene Rohr - [email protected]
Joanne (Wasenar) Marchesseault - [email protected]
Tom Ventimiglia - [email protected]
Timothy J. Cassidy, J.D., ARM - [email protected]
Catherine Hendrickson -

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