Career Exploration


1. Choosing a Career that's right for you for now. Most people change careers at least once in their lifetime. Don't be afraid to have some options for NOW and LATER in your career decisions. Many people make impulsive career choices based on the allure of money or because someone told them they should go in a particular direction. Often they spend years in school and find themselves in a job that they consider unfulfilling or too stressful. Take time to think about what you really want before spending time and money on an education and career that that doesn't fit you.

2. Self Evaluation. Knowing your interests, values, skills, and personality will increase your odds of finding a satisfying career.

  • What are my interests?

  • What are my skills?

  • What kinds of things are important to me?

  • What traits do I have?

3. Career Exploration. What career possibilities are out there? How do you find out what you will like?

  • Talk with your school counselor, teachers, family members, and other role models about careers in which you are interested.

  • Ask the College and Career Coordinator about taking interest, skill, and personality assessments.

  • Investigate careers on the websites listed on this page.

  • Take high school classes relevant to your interests.

  • Explore options through participation in related clubs, activities, community organizations, jobs/internships, etc.

  • Attend the Career Speaker Series to learn about various careers and industries

  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals or shadow them for a day

Career Exploration Resources:

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