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What Are Mock Interviews?

Every year, Clairemont High School holds a Mock Interview Day where we pair each of our 10th grade students with an industry or community partner volunteer who will give them a mock, one-on-one, fifteen-minute job interview. This is an invaluable chance for our students to practice resume writing and interviewing skills. Many of our students have told us they have interviewed for real summer internships and jobs using the skills they practiced at this event, and were then hired! Download our Mock Interview Flyer 2022 for a printable sheet of info about this event, and be sure to read the details below.

Mock Interviews 2022 Details:


To become a Mock Interviewer for this event, please fill out and submit our online CHS Mock Interview Registration Form. (All 10th grade students will automatically participate through their 10th Grade English class).


For 2022, CHS will be holding Mock Interviews on Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10 at Clairemont High. There will be four 90-minute interview sessions on each day: Register for one or more sessions on either or both days. Check-in orientation for volunteers is 15 minutes prior to each session.

  • Session A - 8:45 - 10:15 AM
  • Session B - 10:25 - 11:55 AM
  • Session C - 12:35 - 2:05 PM
  • Session D - 2:10 - 3:35 PM

The students who are participating in these mock interviews are 10th graders from our four academies. They must complete this interview activity as a graded class assignment, and they are competing against each other for the “job.” Most of them have never conducted a job interview before.

Students will be nervous because this will be a new learning experience for them! An academy teacher prepares them ahead of time with sample interview questions and information about dress and etiquette, but the real learning starts once they are seated in front of an industry or community partner. The written feedback given to each student regarding their interview will translate into a letter grade in their business class.


In order to schedule the students for their mock interview and make the experience as authentic as possible, we ask our volunteer interviewers to select from a list of fictitious entry-level job postings. The students also view the job postings to decide which “job” to interview for.

Click here for a list of the Mock Interview Job Positions.


The Mock Interviews are held at Clairemont High School. Clairemont High is located at 4150 Ute Drive, San Diego, CA 92117. Volunteers should plan to arrive at Clairemont High at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of their interview session.

Upon arrival, volunteer interviewers will need to park in one of the parking spots in the lots (no permit required) or on the street outside the campus. Check in at the main office (located near the flagpole and marquee). The front office will direct interviewers to their assigned interview location on campus (see campus map). CHS staff will greet interviewers and provide them with all materials (see below). Interviewers will find a table sign with the interviewer’s name and company. Student “applicants” are scheduled to rotate in at their assigned interview time. Interviewers will remain stationary as students show up for their “appointment.”


Volunteer interviewers will interview four students students over the course of a 90 minute session. (15 minute interviews with 5 minute transition times). The students who have “applied” for each interviewer’s position know they are competing against each other to “win the job.” Interviewers will have an opportunity to see each student’s resume during the 15-minute interview.


On the day of the interviews, volunteer interviewers are provided with a folder containing:


While conducting the interviews, volunteers are asked to consider using questions from our list of Sample Interview Questions and conduct each interview as if it were real. Volunteers should maintain an “interviewer” persona throughout the interview session (i.e.: don’t break off interview to give tips, feedback, etc. during the interview). Interviewers are encouraged to take notes on each interviewee.


After each interview, we ask that volunteer interviewers fill out a Mock Interview Metric FeedbackForm for each student. This will not only give each student feedback on his or her resume and interview, but it may also be factored into each student’s grade on this assignment. After the entire session is over, interviewers are asked to choose which of the “applicants” gave the best interview and “hire” him or her by filling out a special You’re Hired Form. The “hired” student will receive recognition and extra credit. Finally, interviewer volunteers are asked to return the folder with completed metrics and forms for student feedback.


Please visit our online CHS Mock Interview Registration Form 2022 to register as a volunteer interviewer.


Mock Interview Job Positions

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