Letters of Recommendation


Colleges and some scholarships require that you submit a Letter of Recommendation from a faculty member, Counselor, or Principal. Please check your college's application requirements to see if they require a letter of recommendation. 

Most colleges that ask for a required letters of recommendation are an academic recommendation from teachers and/or counselors IF the letter is for college admissions purposes. As a faculty, we recognize that we have an obligation to assist students in meeting these requirements. Please consider and be respectful of the fact that composing the initial letter, as well as corresponding application forms, can take a counselor or teacher several hours per students to complete.

"A recommendation letter is a document in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individual's ability to perform a particular task or function."

Steps on how to request a Letter of Recommendation:

  • Student should give a minimum of 4 weeks to teacher(s) or counselor prior to the college deadline. 
  1. Request letter of recommendation via email or letter to your counselor and/or teacher(s). *Note* It is common courtesy that you ask your teacher in person or over email if they would be able to write you a letter before requesting it over Xello**


    Details needed in email request to teacher or Counselor for letter of rec:

    • Deadline for teacher/counselor to submit
    • Purpose of letter of rec (Scholarship or college application)
    • Include/attached CHS Brag sheet and/or resume


  2. Email teacher or counselor with information above and wait for their response, if they agree to write your letter of recommendation - go on to the next steps.
    1. Email your teacher with CHS brag sheet for a stronger letter of recommendation.(a list of activities you are involved in and accomplishments you have achieved, so the supplier of your recommendation can get to know you on a more personal level)
  3. Student will Login to their Xello Account   xello
  4. Review how to request a recommendation letter from Xello's website
  5. Write a little "Thank You" in the optional comment section of your request: Your teacher will greatly appreciate it
  6. Send the request and once the recommendation is submitted Naviance will send it to the schools you have listed

Here is a visual, more specific, video instruction on how to request a recommendation through Xello: https://youtu.be/vbsjqDICEdw

Recommendation Letter Request

  • Deadline to request Letters of Rec for Teacher and Student will be Nov 7th 
  • Letters should not be requested for CSU or UC Schools
  • Teacher and Counselor requests must be made in person prior to sending a Xello request.

Bring the following items to the person you are requesting to write your letter of recommendation for counselor and/or teacher: 

IF your college has other supplemental school forms bring those, and IF they require the letter mailed, also bring a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

IMPORTANT: You must complete the FERPA waiver on the Common Application website (if applying to a Common Application school).

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