Title I Parent Involvement

In the Fall, an annual meeting will be held to share with parents the Title I program and its requirements.

At Clairemont High School, parents are invited to SSC meetings, and to participate on the governing body (Site-based Governance Team) at the beginning of the school year. The first formal meeting was held on September 20, 2011. The following topics were included:

    • Improving communication between the school and home is a high priority. As we strive to make more connections with our families, we have taken advantage of the district's Connect Ed telephone system. Parents receive phone calls both in English and pish, apprising them of upcoming school events, progress reports and items of interest on a bimonthly basis.

    • Reviewing current student assessment data, student progress, and plans for improvement occurs frequently throughout the school year at specified times. Goals and objectives are included in the Single Plan for Student Achievement, the WASC accreditation plan and the site's response to the district's Smart Goals.

    • Providing information about school and district resources for student academic improvement is shared. Budgets are reviewed, both general and categorical. Staff and parents have input on utilization of site resources.

    • Evaluating the effectiveness of the school's parent involvement policy to increase parent participation in Title I activities is on-going.

    • Parent-Teacher conferencing is available by phone, email or appointment.

    • Valuing cultural diversity is highly valued at CHS and demonstrated via student activities.

  • Parental input is solicited through parent meetings led by the School Site Council (SSC) to provide an organized, on-going, timely way of involving parents in the schooling process and home-school communications.

  • School-wide parent newsletters/communications are mailed with progress report cards eight times a year. Every attempt is made to communicate with parents in their primary language. The auto-dialer communicates to parents, student absences and general school information daily.

  • Parent concerns are addressed monthly through the School Site Council and Site Governance Team meetings. Issues that surface spontaneously are handled immediately by the office staff: principal, vice principals, counselors, and the administrative assistant.

  • Individual student assessment data is sent home annually by the district. Site staff communicates with parents regarding student progress. Parents are also invited to meet with the Counselor to review student assessment results.

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